CIO (Chief Information Officer)

Those responsible for all aspects of company IT systems must ensure that the latter meet strategic needs and enable employees to properly carry out their work.



The Sherlogic platform precisely matches each phenomenon to its cause, thereby allowing the CIO to choose the IT technology that best suits the needs of the company.
Sherlogic also provides real-time control data with an intuitive and easy-to-read console, allowing the CIO to significantly reduce their workload when checking service levels.
By saving time and gaining greater peace of mind, CIOs are able to free up resources that can be dedicated to technological innovation projects, of strategic importance for company development.


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If your company uses computer resources intensively, both hardware and software, you will surely have experienced the negative effects of what is called “technological disruption”.


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    Real-time analysis of your infrastructure and activities

    We're giving human intuition data extracted in real time from the infrastructure and resources. Let's start by designing the human in this process. Sherlogic combines all available data, identifies key relationships and places them in one place, which was almost impossible before.