Error failure detection

Early failure detection

  • Proactive analysis of all data in real time
  • Establishment of connections and interpretation / understand the correlation between events, elements, humans actions and processes.
  • Health indicators are extracted from process data - “Big DATA” - to identify abnormal deviations from the best operating parameters
  • Simulate human reasoning and actions

Concrete problem solving

Concrete problem solving

  • Converts technical data into useful information
  • Provides valuable contextualized information
  • Drives human-computer symbiosis and cooperation


Sherlogic is scalable and computes health indicators and known baseline metrics taken from a multitude of devices (20.000+) at the same time.

Integrates in your infrastructure

Integrates in your infrastructure

Sherlogic can be integrated into „naturally evolved“ IT systems. Complex business systems remain unchanged and get extended by Sherlogic. Sherlogic can communicate with monitoring solutions such as HP® Operation Manager, Nagios®, IBM® Tivoli Software, Zabbix™, Splunk®, Kepware™ to obtain data.

IT-Consulting and know-how transfer

Sherlogic drives human and computer symbioses, does all the routinize work to prepare the way for insights and decision making. This is about man and machine cooperating in making decisions, controlling complex situations without the inflexible dependence on predetermined programs. We start by designing the human into the process.

Our specialists look back on more than fourteen years of experience. Together with the client technical team involved in the implementation of the forensic service Sherlogic the customer can draw a Sherlogic workflow, able to represent and correlate:

  • the expertise of the technicians
  • hardware and software elements
  • the system management procedures
  • business processes

Mental maps

We call the workflow “mental maps”. The mental maps represents how the ecosystem should work and automatically performs controls, detects problems and proactively applies the solutions.

Learn more about mental maps