Sherlogic™ analyses health indicators and known basic metrics, extracted from infrastructure and resources in real time.

Users are able to observe the temporal behaviour of the machinery connected to their company’s infrastructure and they can receive warnings if there are any indications of a potential fault before it actually occurs, and all this from the back-end interface based on Sherlogic™ web architecture.

Sherlogic helps humans and computers to interact, undertaking all the routine work in order to pave the way for intuition and decision-making processes. Man and machine can work together to make decisions, controlling complex situations without being confined by pre-determined programmes. Let’s start by designing the human aspect of the process.


Data-generating devices

These devices are equipped with high-tech sensors which are able to obtain extremely granular data on asset performance. The asset is connected through network and communication protocols.


Data-collecting agents

These agents are set up to obtain data from every sensor on any device, as well as from various measurement points within the environment. Data are then sent to the analysis module for further processing.


Data analysis and interpretation

Sherlogic™ analyses the data provided by these agents and determines the relationships between them. This is a constant process which takes place in the background while machinery keeps working, all done in real time.


Displaying useful information

If a problem crops up during operation, Sherlogic™ can provide concrete proposals on how to solve the problem. Your support team will receive clear instructions. In predefined cases, the solution can even be activated straight away.

Real-time analysis of your infrastructure and activities

We're giving human intuition data extracted in real time from the infrastructure and resources. Let's start by designing the human in this process. Sherlogic combines all available data, identifies key relationships and places them in one place, which was almost impossible before.