The Sherlogic™ processing

Step 1

Devices generating data

Devices are equipped with sophisticated sensors, capable of capturing highly granular data on asset performance. Asset is connected through network and communication protocols.

  • Secure monitoring of your entire infrastructure (hardware and software)
  • Scalable up to a multitude of devices (20.000+) at the same time

Step 2

Agents collecting data

Agents are configured to capture data from all sensors from any device and from various measuring points within the environment. For further processing data is sent to the analyzing module.

  • Collecting sensor data of devices
  • Sending data to analyzing module

“Just like any other good analyst Sherlogic™ has its agents. Resourceful informants supplying the system with all relevant data.“

Step 3

Data analyzation and interpretation

Sherlogic™ analyzes the data being delivered by the agents and establishes relations between them. This happens during operation, permanently and in real time.

  • Detailed, proactive analysis of all data in real time
  • Establishment of connections and interpretation

“Precise observation, accurate analysis and absolutely logical conclusions: This is how Sherlogic™ solves the IT-problems of its customers. In real time.“

Step 4

Show useful information

On problematic incident during operation Sherlogic™ delivers concrete problem solving proposals. Your support staff receives clear instructions. In predefined cases the solution can be triggered directly.

  • Concrete problem solving proposals
  • Improved decision-making basis

„The case is quickly solved - the customer satisfied.“

Mental Maps / XAL

Mental maps / XAL

Mental maps are realized with XAL (Xml Automata Language). XAL is a state-based language for software systems that are concurrent, real-time, dynamic and programmed using (potentially) multiple languages. 

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