Operation / Customer Service

Those who deal with operations, related to the production of goods or services, and with customer service, need their IT infrastructure to work in a precise and reliable way, and they also need any problems to be quickly identified and resolved.


During the Sherlogic platform implementation phase, all processes are mapped to ensure that they are consistent with the company’s IT systems. This allows the Production Manager to automate the processes, resulting in increased productivity and savings in terms of resources.
What’s more, the Sherlogic platform identifies the causes of IT problems that have led to production issues, allowing for fast and targeted action to be taken without losing time and productivity.

Lastly, Customer Service/After Sales Managers can quickly identify and solve problems related to the malfunctioning of IT structures, making them able to provide prompt responses to customers in the event of complaints or to prevent the problems themselves, significantly reducing the number of complaints.


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If your company uses computer resources intensively, both hardware and software, you will surely have experienced the negative effects of what is called “technological disruption”.


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    Real-time analysis of your infrastructure and activities

    We're giving human intuition data extracted in real time from the infrastructure and resources. Let's start by designing the human in this process. Sherlogic combines all available data, identifies key relationships and places them in one place, which was almost impossible before.