Selecting and monitoring IT infrastructure


A major manufacturer of high-quality shower enclosures, with a view to integrating Industry 4.0, needed to renew its entire IT infrastructure with a Nutanix hyperconvergence system, as well as further developing its maintenance and control system for customer infrastructure and applications.

Thanks to the Sherlogic platform, the company’s CIO is now able to keep everything under control using the Sherlogic Dashboard. He can use this to verify, in real time, the impact of IT problems on production, follow key indicators relating to a particular service or business process, check the progress of reports and authorise the most appropriate IT investments based on a better understanding of the various phenomena.

Real-time analysis of your infrastructure and activities

We're giving human intuition data extracted in real time from the infrastructure and resources. Let's start by designing the human in this process. Sherlogic combines all available data, identifies key relationships and places them in one place, which was almost impossible before.